The Flow of Water

video stories about water heroes



video stories about water heroes


While the amount of freshwater on the planet has remained fairly constant over time, the population has exploded and the climate is changing. This means that every year competition for clean water for agriculture, industry, drinking, cooking, bathing and sustaining life in general intensifies.

Water is not equally distributed around the globe, or around the year, or between different users. And the flow of water is interrupted by many users who pollute the water and take more than their fair share of water. Therefore, the number of water conflicts is rising.


Water heroes are people working on solutions for this global water crisis. People fighting to ensure an uninterrupted flow of clean water available for everybody.
They can be found everywhere in the world where water conflicts are urgent and sometimes life threatening. Water heroes can be women fighting for clean drinking water, fishermen cleaning up their rivers, farmers, scientists, engineers, politicians.  Water heroes have one thing in common: they focus on solutions.


Storytelling is the oldest way to share knowledge and ideas. From the oral tradition of ancient people to the written word and now in the digital age, it is stories that engage and compel us to understand new phenomena. Stories are much easier to remember then facts and information. Video in particular is a very good tool to tell stories and is nowadays crucial for (online) communication.


With stories about Water Heroes we want to create and share a flow of ideas between people fighting for their rights, scientists with innovative solutions, companies in need of water, policymakers working on good water governance etc.
We will tell our stories from the perspective of people who are facing water problems in their daily lives. People who feel the drought, pollution or shortage of water. In this way we can show what is really going on and we can raise awareness of the various water issues.

In this video we use footage from various sources.
If you believe your material has been used in an unauthorized manner, please contact us.


The video stories will firstly be published on dedicated websites and distributed on social media, YouTube and the online channels of the partners involved. By doing so we will create a network for the exchange of ideas and solutions between people worldwide.

Finally, all stories we will be integrated in an 8-episode international television series.


The Flow of Water project is initiated by Hans Wanrooy and Roland Postma.
Hans Wanrooy is executive producer and owner of Ventoux Producties, a Dutch production company focusing on complex and socially engaged subjects.
Roland Postma has a long time experience as director and editor in chief for well known Dutch science and nature TV programmes.



For research and producing the stories, we cooperate with among others the following partners: UNESCO-IHE, Aqua for All, TU-Delft, World Waternet,, Dutch Water Authorities, Simavi.




The Flow of Water is work in progress and produced by Ventoux Producties from the Netherlands.
Please help us to tell the stories of the Water Heroes.